Why Buy Wood Furniture Over The Other Types Of Materials?


The two kinds of wood used for building furniture naturally, namely:

  • solid wood
  • engineered wood

Solid wood is classified into two types, namely softwood and hardwood. The hardwoods are like the following:

  • rosewood
  • mahogany
  • mango
  • acacia

These hardwoods are long-lasting. The texture allows artisans to build furniture with magnificent carvings. There are also softwoods, such as pine and cedar. There are high-end products you can buy furniture online singapore brands at low costs.

Both solid wood and engineered wood are used to make furniture affordable and create a plain look. When shopping for new furniture, it is tempting to buy a cheap couch or bedroom set, money-saving. Seeing pricey solid wood furnishings makes you wince, but you invest in a product with the potential to last generations.

It is customizable

No doubt, wood is a truly unique material. Every piece is distinct because of the difference in the grain patterns. It means that even if the dining table you buy is mass-produced, the other customers have a different look. You can consider wooden furniture with the level of customizability, which generates veneer and particle board pieces don’t.

Wood furniture produced on a larger scale is amazing and one of a kind. The solid wood furniture can add character and unique style to any home.

Outstanding durability

One durable material for furniture is solid wood. It will endure for centuries when taken care of. The furnishings are often passed down as heirlooms for the generations. Even if the surface suffers damage, the craftsman can repair and restore it to new condition. Unlike plastic-based and particle-based furnishings, those made of wood can handle jostling, while in transport much better.

Eternal elegance

Wooden furniture is durable and customizable. It has a timelessness about it that no other material can match. Even when the style trends alter, many look for solid wood furnishings because they have functionality that other designer options may not compete with. First chairs and other furniture made from wood are the most relied upon for thousands of years.

Low maintenance

Another reason for purchasing solid wood furniture is how easy the maintenance is. The quick wipe-down with the polishing cloth removes dust and debris. If the piece looks dull, you may add shine with the recommended oil or wax. While it is true you can’t use daily household cleaners on the surface, it is a minor change to the normal cleaning routine.

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