What are BeniOurain Rugs? Why You Need To Own One Now?


Home decor is a seriously underrated field. Though in everyone’s defense, it is getting a fraction of the attention it deserves. Home is a place that needs our mark etched onto every square inch of its surface. It is a place filled with memories, both good and bad. And decorating it is an avenue that is paved wide and deep. From curtains to rugs, bedspreads to pillows, tables to carpets, kitchenware to even sinks, the number of places you could redecorate or set up is too many to count.

And nothing would make your house lovelier than a gorgeous Beni Ourain Rug spread out in the living room or the bedroom.

What is it?

BeniOurain is a term used to describe a type of Moroccan carpet. These rugs feature a simple geometric design and soft wool construction. The word “benio line” means “snowy mountain” and properly describes the origin of the carpet. BeniOurain rugs are a type of tribal Amazighs native to the Benioline tribe, a coalition of 17 tribes in the northern Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

BeniOurain rugs are some of the fluffiest, softest, aesthetic-looking rugs ever. Made entirely from hundred percent sheep wool. These rugs are undyed and make for the perfect companion.

They are wholly natural heirloom rugs, making them much coveted. Considered to be the epitome of luxury and warmth, they are as lovely as they come.

High-performance fibers look and feel like wool, but are resistant to dirt and moisture. Inspired by the traditional Benio line design, Moroccan plain weave rugs feature a simple sketch pattern of plain weave construction in neutral tones, making them a versatile and durable choice.


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