swimming pool maintenance is not that complicated!


Swimming pools are not just considered as status symbol, but they are also the source of comfort, peace, and tool to get rid of frustration, stress.  However, maintaining swimming pool is not as easy as maintaining water fountain.  Here are some points that can give you some insight about swimming pool’s maintenance.

Simple steps for maintenance

In-order to avoid causing damages to water filter in the poll, you should try to clean bugs, branches, leaves and other debris that gets accumulated on a daily basis.

It is advisable to check your pool for leaks, cracks, or anything unusual. Make sure that you repair these cracks on time.

Experts advise people to check water’s chlorine dispenser once in every week. Monitor chlorine levels, make sure that the unit is soaked in chlorine and is operating properly.

As far as filters are concerned, some pool filters need quarterly cleaning, while some require annual. You should maintain proper data for filter cleaning, and clean them according to the instructions written on filter drums.

Mud can pollute your swimming pool within just few seconds. This may sound rude, but you should ask kids to avoid jumping in the pool with all that mud and sweat on their body. Ask them to go for shower before swimming. This will help you keep your pool clean, and will also reduce your chemical cleaning bill. There are several gyms, and swimming pools in the United States and the United Kingdom that request pool uses to go for shower instead of going straight for swimming.

Use pool cleaning tools

There are several basic tools that can help you keep swimming pool clean. Leaf rake is something that you can use to remove leaves, branches and other debris from the water. You can use brush with telescopic arm, or telescopic poles in-order to clean debris that gets accumulated at the bottom of the pool. If you are dealing with small particles, you can use surface skimmer. This tool is designed to handle small particles of mud, stones, or even particles created by chemical cleaners.

If you are dealing with a large amount of debris accumulated at the bottom of old pool that does not have filtration system, you can simple vacuum out the debris with pool cleaning vacuum attachments.

In-order to reduce water evaporation and to retain heat, you can also opt for swimming pool covers that can be used to cover the pool when it is not in use.

Moss filters for cleaning 

According to University of Maryland’s research, pool owners can reduce water consumption up to 75 per cent, and reduce the usage of chemical cleaners by as good as 40 per cent with the help of moss filters. These filters prevent the growth of micro-organisms, and also reduce the need to backwash the pool.

Choose the best pool cleaning service provider

Even if you follow basic cleaning procedures to clean your pool, it still needs monthly maintenance processes performed by professionals.

Certified technicians can manage to bring that sparkle back to your swimming pool without using dangerous processes and harmful chemicals.

Pool’s beauty can be restored by removing white ring caused due to calcium depots. The procedure performed to remove calcium deposits from swimming pools stone or waterline tile is complicated. Opt for pool cleaning service provider who has considerable experience in providing swimming pool cleaning service, testing, and repairing service.

If you live in Arizona, you can choose Aquaman Pools. The company has its own team of certified technicians. It is considered as trustworthy pool cleaning and spa equipment repair service provider in the state of Arizona.

Choose natural pools

Integration of nature into architecture can help you stay away from harmful chemicals, and this is how natural pools work.

Natural pools are affordable, eco-friendly, low-tech and free from chemicals. These pools are constructed with clay, gravel and other eco-friendly materials. Natural pools do not require mechanical or chlorine filtering systems, as aquatic plants in them work as natural purifiers. These plants also keep the pool fresh with oxygen.

Share your pool with your neighbors

These days several people are sharing their cars and pets with their neighbors. This might sound weird, but considerable numbers of people are also sharing their swimming pool and related expenses with their neighbors. You can definitely try this. Why knows? Maybe you will enjoy those kids screaming while playing in water.

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