Hublot Big Bang Boa 18kt Rose Gold Diamond Chronograph

In ancient Greece mythology, the snake possessed by women as a result of a curse, in the books of the Bible, women served as the original sin of mankind together with snake culprit, in Egypt on ancient history, wore a snake-like Crown of Egypt Cleopatra forced pet Cobra wrist himself.


Hublot Big Bang Boa 18kt Chronograph

Leave history discusses the stubbornness and prejudice, serpent and the woman, from time immemorial metaphor each other close relations between the two, in that case, refers to ladies watches will have to woo ships Big Bang limited edition Python pattern.

The Big Bang Boa the biggest feature is the whole body of the element modified embossed snake element. Case by 18K rose gold meticulously formed shallow square red bezel insert with 48 pillars, smoky quartz and smoky quartz transparent, lugs side black synthetic resin, size 41 mm dial, adorned with the Brown Python-patterned, gold-plated hands, dial set with 8 diamonds Amounts to 0.14 karats.


Hublot Big Bang Boa Chronograph

these are just mysterious and luxurious, awesome strap, Brown strap from the snakeskin material, Python patterns paired with genuine snake skin together, this feeling of acids cool and think would be horrified, this unit consists of an inside the original Madden is not the average person can handle. The timepiece equipped with Hublot 4300 self-winding movement, power reserve of 42 hours, water resistant to 100 meters, also with date function with a variety of timing functions, action-packed.

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